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Nadine N: Óla de Lisboa!

So now the adventure has begun and Julia, Alex and I are in Portugal. I have to say our first days here were quite the experience already. We explored the city, went grocery shopping, spent some time on the beach and had our first meeting with the agency.

My work at the animal rescue shelter was supposed to start yesterday, but as life goes, plans don't work out sometimes and so I had one day more to get to know the area. Today I went to work with my program coordinator Petronela and as soon as we arrived we took some dogs for a walk. My boss told me then that I should come tomorrow at 10 a.m. so now I have another day where I can go wherever I want and whenever I want.

At first when she told me that, I was a bit confused but I guess I need to adapt my Austrian mindset to a Portuguese one because the clocks just tick differently here!

Anyway here are some pictures for you to enjoy :)

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