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Luisa K: Visiting Mr. Crabs on the bottom of the Costa Brava 🩀

Hello and welcome to a new edition: ognaggite in Barcelona !!

Now it is already possible to count down the days we have left in Barcelona on two hands!

Working here is already coming to an end but I am still not doing anything too exciting here at the office of Inedit.

Since my last blog post a lot has happened again. We went out on Friday, strolled through a shopping street on Saturday and went diving on Sunday. And yes, that was definitely a highlight of that whole Barcelona trip. So more about that: For Sunday we planned a trip to Costa Brava to visit an old school colleague of my mum's who owns a dive base there. We took a bus which took us nearly three hours. But it was totally worth it, because it looked like a Mamma Mia dream!! We took part in a private introductory diving course, where we saw different underwater creatures like crabs and squids. đŸ€©

On Tuesday we visited a famous art museum called Ikono. We had so much fun because they had different interactive things to offer like for instance a ball pool!

On Wednesday Vici, Jana and I went to see the Camp Nou and its newly renovated Museum. It was cool to see but it was a bit disappointing that we werenŽt able to see the stadium itself due to construction work. Even, as a non-Barça fan it was impressive to see all the trophies and jerseys of important players in football history.

Another highlight for me was definitely the bar we went to on Thursday. The bar had a totally unique concept which was bringing the cocktails to the customers with a train. The drink card looked like a passport where you had to stamp a flavor and a base for the drink. In the end it was a surprise what you actually got. ItÂŽs a little bit complicated to explain but I will insert a picture down below for you to understand it a little better :)

See you next week!

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