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Juli L: New week, new adventures!

It’s already the end of week two here in Lisbon and it has definitely been a thrilling one.

On Monday Nadine and I went to a „Miradouro“ to watch the sunset after work. Those are viewpoints spread over the whole city where you can enjoy your evenings while listening to live music and having a drink or ice cream as we did :)

Speaking of work, it gets better day by day and in the meantime I even miss it on the weekend. Crazy I know, but I really enjoy working with my colleagues.

But back to my leisure time. On Wednesday we crossed the river by boat to visit the famous Christo Rey statue during sunset. At first we thought we were too late because we couldn’t find the bus station and the next bus would come when the sun was already set but luckily we were surprised with the most beautiful colours of orange and red.

On Friday evening Nadine and I went to the other side of the river to have a picnic during the sunset. Again ;) we know but we have been a little bit obsessed with it lately:)! Unfortunately the sky was very cloudy that day. It was getting colder and it even started to rain a little bit but anyway we loved it!

On Saturday we woke up pretty early to catch our bus to Porto in the north of Portugal. In my opinion a nice city but my heart beats for Lisbon.

This was my little insight of week number two here in beautiful Lisboa.

Áte proxima semana!


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