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Juli L: My third week in Lisbon

Time passes, and now we are already starting our last week here in Lisbon. However I am going to tell you what I did in week three. Well as usual I spent most of the time at the beach after my work. There, I got really cool tasks that I had to fulfil this week such as booking flights in a very complicated system and helping with preparations for the Pope's visit. I even got to make use of my Russian, Spanish and Excel skills this week.

On Wednesday night, Nadine and I went to a rooftop cinema below the stars. We watched "Annie Hall". To be honest the film wasn't that good, but the experience was absolutely worth it. By the way cinemon popcorn is my new favourite flavour!!!

On Saturday we went shopping in a huge mall and I bought some very beautiful clothes and souvenirs.

Today we went surfing to Carcavelos beach. Surprisingly it was way easier than expected, but after the two hours I was exhausted to be honest. But the hardest thing about surfing is to get into the wetsuits. This took us almost longer then our instructions at the beach haha :)

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